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 - 1 - Ami Paris


Established in Paris in 2011, inspired by the city ever since — AMI is a luxury apparel house for men and women.

Like Alexandre Mattiussi, its founder and creative director, AMI approaches fashion in a relaxed and authentic way, with stylish and comprehensive wardrobes composed of timeless basics. Capturing its hometown’s unique, effortless elegance, AMI blurs the boundaries between casual and chic. Its values celebrate love and friendship, inclusion and diversity.

Alexandre Mattiussi founded AMI at age 30, after formative years in renowned Parisian couture houses, where he perfected his skills and knowledge of men’s tailoring, and learned the excellence of French sartorial savoir-faire, now a distinctive feature of AMI. His multi-faceted inspiration stems from the world around him, the arts, Paris and the diversity and style of its inhabitants, as well as from his lifelong passion for ballet and cinema.

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